Missing Classmates

We have not been able to find a home address or email for the following people---do you know where they are located?  Contact Steve Antush @ santush@aol.com


Laurie Biernacki Shanin
Clark Boileau
Sean Boyle
Timothy Buck
Marie Buckman Staley
Storm Caley Janaszak
Robert Dorsey
Julianne Dow Snell
Alice Emond Carlson
Russell Erickson
Anne Gockel
Vincent Gorjance
Romero Graves
Michael Hewitt
Mark Lindsey
Tom Lupinski
Crystal Luster
Jennifer Maier
Denny May
Christine Merrill Tate
Michelle Mirante
Katherine Orse Anthony
Vince Pizzuto
Brain Ray
Craig Schuck
Anthony Steele
Catherine Stoeck
Linda Surface Ricard
Clyde Taylor
Michael Tessier
Gary Vranizan
Michael C White