Alison Kutz Troutman

Profile Updated: September 22, 2008
Residing In: Bellingham, WA USA
Occupation: Agricultural consultant Biological Management
Children: Rhiannon Rose born 1988


I have built a wholesale nursery from the ground up~with my partner Paul. It is called Cascade Cuts, and we grow herb starts, bedding plants, interesting perennials, forced bulbs....

Alison has evolved beyond the scope of the day to day nursery, and in 2000 began Sound Horticulture, a business that works with soils, and biologically charged mediums like compost teas, composts, biocontrols. I am basically a horticultural consultant to a wide array of growers around the country, and beyond. I'm loving the constant learning curve and the fascinating things I do every day!

School Story:

Which one? The trouble that Cristina Roni, Jeanne Ahern and I would get into after cross country those late afternoons after everyone else had left campus.... breaking into the candy store... (I'll never divulge HOW, so don't ask!)

The fun that this crazy outcast (me) from Federal Way would have with the Burien Girls (all such good Catholic kids..) namely Sheila Finney,Mary Yanak, Martha Whitish and anyone who would go along with our insane ideas late on a Saturday night driving my Mom's Monte Carlo with the 8 track blaring.....

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